WOW, I had NO idea! Why aren’t my friends commenting on this blog when they know something I don’t?

Posted: February 20, 2011 in cell phone, children, conflict, family, iPod Touch, kids, laptop, parents, Rant, tech-NO rules, technology, teens, texting, Wii, worry, xbox 360

My two daughters share a bedroom; which has two closets, fascinating , I know -keep reading, I promise it will get a little better. One is a walk-in and the other just your average-Joe-closet. Last night my older daughter had a friend sleep over and they wanted to go to the movies so I knocked on the bedroom door, which is where I had last seen them go and when I opened the door no-one was in there… I called my daughter’s name and voila the walk in closet door opens (she and her friend were inside the closet ‘ooVooing’. In case you are unfamiliar with ‘ooVoo’, it is a free online video chat website, which allows up to 6 friends to chat with each other real-time, this seems to be very popular among  my eldest daughter’s friends. There is more to it, but I’ll let you do your own research:

So as I stand in the doorway of the closet I see that there is a boy in there with them on the video chat, I don’t recognize this boy and I don’t ask, BUT in the car on the way to the movies (when there is no escape for these poor girls) I say, ‘Do you think it is unreasonable of me to make this new rule?: that ‘ooVooing’ with boys must be done at the kitchen counter, not in the closet with the door closed’ (makes me nervous -what if with all those clothes hanging in there she felt the sudden need to change her top?- YIKES!).  They agree that it is not unreasonable so now we have another new techno-rule. Then I ask the friend what kind of techno-rules she has at her house, and so she tells me: ‘No internet in her bedroom, ( “I LIKE THAT”,  I say; and my daughter gives her friend the stink-eye) no internet past midnight, (I have the same rule) and that her parents read/review her text messages… (I don’t do that, but shhhh don’t tell my kids). I know her parents, not well, but well enough to know that they are very involved in their daughter’s life and so I admire their rules.

I am going to switch gears here on you, but remember we are still in the car on the way to the theater and I notice my daughter texting while her friend sits quietly next to her in the back seat, and I am suddenly thinking telephone etiquette. All adults (okay well most adults know) that while you are spending time visiting with one friend it is very rude to spend your time on the telephone with  another friend, and so you might answer and say I am visiting with so and so right now and don’t want to be rude so would it be okay if I called you back later? So I say to my daughter, “how about a little texting etiquette please; you invited a friend so please spend time with her and put that damn phone away!

Fast-forward 12 hours when I take my 12 year old daughter to her basketball game, where in honor of my tech-NO-ishness I struggle with not looking at my phone while my daughter is not in the game, but is substituted out and on the bench…. I want to look at my email, but I tell myself that I don’t need to check it right now, and as I look up I see my daughter (across the court) looking down at something in her lap, while she had her sweatshirt draped across her legs, then I see than God forsaken cell phone being  closed and tucked inside her sweat shirt!!! Are you serious? She brought her phone to her game and is texting while she is on the bench, I feel like I am creating a techno-bulimic, where since she had been on phone restriction for a week she is now binging to the point of texting during her game, its insane, how do I control this? Then I learn of a friend, who reads this blog and has never commented to tell me what they do with their son…. ( you know who you are, and you should have told me this sooner!)

Did you know that you can “Filter every device connected to the Internet in your home!” with the “iBoss Internet Filter
Parental Control Wireless Router” what does it do you ask? Well you can find it at

What it can do is:

I don’t know about you, but I had no idea,and I’m impressed, I like it… but what about the cell phone? Apparently I can limit that too via my carrier (I have not inquired yet, but I  hope usage includes texting!) I am thinking that I will no longer have to collect all devices ever night I just have them shut down…. I like it!!!  They will be on a timer like the irrigation system… So I check in to the cell phone parental controls and I find this website:

I will say this that there are a few other links on the page above like: cellspynow, which I do find a creepy invasion of privacy. They promote a product to a paranoid market, which I find frightening. If your worried that your business partner is being sneaky, or your spouse is cheating, or you kid is dealing drugs – tap their cell phone, a bit over the top for me, but if that”s the product you are looking for – it’s out there, just google it!

By the way if you read yesterday, a little update:  my son did not make the middle school baseball team and he was disappointed, but I told him that I was proud of him for having the courage to tryout. I told him that there was success in trying and the only failure is the guy who didn’t have the courage to try. Stay tuned in for word on TFS #5…. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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